We've Done It!!!

New Zealander's have spoken!  124,000 concerned men and women have joined us in urging the Goverment to expand the Breast Screening age to 40 - 70 years.

The epidemic of Breast Cancer in New Zealand has to be slashed!

647 are dying of Breast Cancer each year - that's over 50% more deaths than the annual road toll.  The survival rate is 28% worse than in Australia where they have free mammography from 40 years.

During this past year, we have frequently shed tears because of the many personal stories we have heard from those whose loved ones have died only because their cancer was found too late.

Why should women from 50 - 64 years be given a chance of life that other women younger than or older than that age range not be given?

This Petition of 124,000 has to be listened to and acted upon!

A VERY BIG THANKYOU to all those women and men, devoted to our cause, who have made this achievement possible.


From left: Rebecca, Debbie, Jacinda, Louisa, Jim and Tim on bus to Parliament!