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Full funding to ‘save women’

16 Oct 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to pink ribbons, decorated bras and fluffy pink clothes with the aim of increasing awareness of breast cancer for women and their families.

Breast Cancer Action Trust of Tauranga trustees Jane Lyndon, Tim Short and Debbie Short say their “Save the Women” programme offers subsidised mammograms for women aged 40-45 years.

The Trust continues to lobby for better access to screening and age reduction to 40 years as well as improved access to treatments.
Early detection of breast cancer is important and being promoted by the Breast Cancer Action Trust of Tauranga with a ‘Save the Women’ free mammogram programme.
“The programme previously only provided subsidised access to mammograms but they are now fully funded, which is exciting news,” says trustee Debbie Short.
“The Breast Cancer Action Trust of Tauranga is offering free mammograms to eligible women aged 40-44 years in Tauranga who missed out on the 45-69 year old breast screening programme. In fact, many women of all ages are able to get a free mammogram. If you are without symptoms but have a family member who has had breast cancer, you are considered high risk and are entitled to a free mammogram through your GP. If you do have symptoms, then you are also entitled to a free mammogram regardless of age through your GP.”
The Save the Women programme from the Breast Cancer Action Trust is funding free mammograms to women without family history and without symptoms aged 40-45 years with a community services card because cost is a barrier to health.
“The difference in breast cancer diagnosis between 40-45 years and 46-49 years is only three per cent and it’s often unstated that younger women in their forties have more aggressive tumours that can grow very quickly within a year, which is why early detection is just so vital.”
For more information and to see if you are eligible to access the Save the Women free mammogram programme, contact Debbie Short 07 544 3481 or Jane Lyndon 027 495 5819.