Debbie and Tim Short

1186 Ohauiti Road

RD 3


Dear Debbie and Tim

I would like to write on behalf of Breast Associates Ltd to support your upcoming submission to the Health Select Committee at Parliament.

It is important to remember that a large percentage of breast cancer patients will be outside the current age which  Breast Screen Aotearoa offers to screen.

20% are in the age bracket 40 to 50 years and 29% over 70 years, assuming that the age is going to be extended to 69 years.

These patients who are under 50 years have more aggressive tumors ( Ak Breast Cancer Study Group NZ Medical Journal )

and deserve to have the best way of detecting their cancers as early as possible.

Laszlo Tabar has shown over the last 26 years of screening that it does work and reduces mortality if performed well. See

The figure of a  mortality reduction of 17% in those screened under 50 years with two view yearly mammography is probably underestimating the true benefit.

The American Cancer Society has clear guidelines for screening as does the Australian National Breast Cancer Centre.

 We thus support your extension of the age range for breast cancer screening in New Zealand.



Mrs Belinda Scott

Breast Surgeon

Director Breast Associates



Mr Wayne Jones

General Breast and  Endocrine Surgeon

Clinical Director Ak Hospital


Mr  Alex Ng

Breast and General Surgeon\ Ak  Hospital